Saeid Zebardast


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Kamran Vatanabadi
Software Development Specialist

I know and have worked with Saeid since 2002, he is a great problem solver and programmer. He knows many software technologies and tools and you can always rely on him whenever you have a software problem. He always impresses you by delivering his assignments perfect and on time and always has been our projects' life saver. I highly recommend him for any software production position.

Amir Sedighi
Data Solutions Architect

Saeid is one of the best colleague that ever I had. He has a solid knowledge and experience in using Linux and bash programming. I have seen how he worked with a dozen of Linux flavors. Also as a developer he knows Java, PHP and SQL as well as Linux . He is deeply familiar with web technologies such as HTTP, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JSP, Servlet, JSTL and whatever a web solution needs. Moreover Saeid is a strong problem solver.

Bahareh Khodaeian
Business Intelligence Consultant

Saeid is an excellent software engineer who has extensive experience and knowledge in Java development and Linux. He is hard-working, motivated and very passionate about what he does. Being so supportive towards his team members and his willingness to share his vast knowledge has made him such a brilliant team leader. I would strongly recommend him for any future positions.

Kamyar Gilak
Senior Java Developer & Software Engineer

Saeid's technological skillset is really broad and deep. In the projects in which we both have been involved, he has proven to be really proficient at software craftsmanship and has added value at different levels. Also, his work in Appverse has been impressive. Concluding, a top gun for any software team. Problems are a challenge for him, because he go towards the succes of the team. I worked with him in an important and big project and he was the most important key person. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Amin Jafari
Front-end Developer

Saeid is without a doubt one of the best and wisest developers and leaders I've ever known. His attention to details and the willingness to keep the codes structured is extraordinary! He always tries to keep up to date and improve in his field and he truly deserves all the compliments both as a developer and as a human being. I wish him an ever-growing success and glory.

Yashar Heidarnejad
Lead Java Developer

Apart from the excellent personalities that makes him a great colleague and friend, Saeid has a vast knowledge and extensive experience in Java including most of the web-based technologies and aspects like Apache Tomcat Web-Server, HTTP Requests, Servlets, JSTL and JSPs, HTML, CSS and JS. He's great with DBs and SQLs, also a professional in Linux. Being very talented, passionate, productive and reliable makes him a unique developer. In a nutshell, it's just a relief to have someone like Saeid in your team, no matter how big and knowledge-required the solution you're implementing needs to be.