Saeid Zebardast

Senior Software Developer

I am a self-studied software developer. My experience spans a wide range of software development areas including web-based enterprise applications, server-side development and NoSQL technologies.
Currently, I am working as a lead frontend developer at genua GmbH.

Top Skills

  • JavaScript, NodeJS Senior
  • Angular, Typescript Senior
  • D3.js Senior
  • CSS Senior
  • NestJS Mid-level
  • MySQL Mid-level


  • Git
  • Scrum
  • TDD
  • CI


  • English Advanced
  • Persian Native
  • Azerbaijani Native
  • German Intermediate


Featured Keynote Speaker

2nd Conf of The Open Source Software, Iran.


genua GmbH Lead Frontend Developer
cognitix GmbH (acquired by genua GmbH) Frontend Developer
Datis Pars Software Developer


Computer Science Bachelor (Discontinued)


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Threat Defender

Lead Frontend Developer, Angular, Node.js, NestJS, D3.js

Data Analyser

Lead Frontend Developer, Polymer, JavaScript, D3.js

Network Monitoring

Lead Developer, Big Data and NoSQL

Virtual Office

Lead Developer, Java, JavaScript, CSS


Full Stack Developer, Java, JavaScript, CSS

Open Source Projects

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NVD3 charts as web components for Polymer.


A Polymer element to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates using Moment.js.

Java Design Patterns

Collection of Java Design Patterns

D3 Circle Packing

A Web Component for Drawing D3.js Circle Packing Chart


Iranian Ubuntu Team
Iranian WordPress Team


Writing short stories, Reading books, Blogging, Walking.


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